Hire plants

Plants for events, trade fairs, major functions, presentations, parties and all kinds of other occasions.

The some 1000 plants that we have in stock extend from classic buxus bushes to exotic solitary plants. We can provide the perfect plant décor for any theme - from Asian to Mediterranean or exotic - plus zinc, ceramic, plastic or individually ‘packaged’ pots.

If you like, we’ll design a distinctive and unforgettable décor concept for you. In fact, we can make genuine lifestyle and design statements with our plants.

We drop them off at your location and pick them up again at the end of the hire period. When customers hire plants for long periods of time we also provide a plant care service.

The hire plants photo gallery includes a selection of plants for every occasion.

Products & Services

Buxus balls | Buxus pyramids | Triple-stemmed laurel | Tall-stemmed laurel | Tall-stemmed privet | Pruned privet bushes (privet horses) | Climbing ivy | Ferns | Cicus | Olive trees | Ficus Benjamini | Ficus Alii | Areca palms | Kentia palms | Functional plastic pots in diverse sizes | High-quality plastic pots in diverse sizes | Latest collection of ceramic pots

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